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Seniors Rocking

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ISAN: 0000-0002-A7BC-0000-B-0000-0000-4

Seniors Rocking

CH/USA 2010 30'

Director: Ruedi Gerber
Script: Ruedi Gerber
Camera: Adam Teichman, Andy Abrahams Wilson, Ellison Horne, Tim Taylor
Sound: Michael Emery
Editing:: Robert Fruchtman, Françoise Dumoulin
Music:: Mario Grigorov
Production:: ZAS Film AG

Ruedi Gerber 2010 30'

SENIORS ROCKING, a companion piece to the feature length film BREATH MADE VISIBLE, is a short documentary that unveils the artistic process and captures the communal energy behind the unique performance created by American dance pioneer Anna Halprin with senior citizens from all walks of life at the Redwood Retirement Center in Marin County, CA. Led by Anna Halprin's belief in dance's power to teach, heal and transform, the film portrays and follows these senior citizens expressing their legacy through dance from the initial tentative rehearsals to the joyful celebration of the culminating performance.