Schönes Wochenende

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Petra Volpe 2005 82'

Housewife and mother Therese Karlen spontaneously breaks out of the family rut one weekend and leaves her snotty teenage daughter Melanie and her son Valentin with her jovial and overwhelmed husband Alois. She travels through Switzerland and to herself with Liselotte, an older lady.

Therese, 39, has been slightly depressed, cheerless and plagued by insomnia for some time. She bravely attempts to conceal her state of mind from her two children and her husband. She has been married to the bustling Alois for 18 years. Routine has the couple firmly in its grip. The time has long since passed when there was room for romance and passion.

One Saturday, on the way to the dentist, once again tired from a sleepless night, she runs into an older woman, who is luckily uninjured. Liselotte Wildi is a former primary school teacher and likes to imagine her life as somewhat more glamorous than it really is. Therese offers to drive her home, but the short drive turns into an ever longer excursion. While she moves farther away from the family and becomes increasingly relaxed, thanks to the eccentric Lieselotte, Alois faces the full challenge of life at home. A weekend full of adventure, insights and surprises.