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Berner Filmpreis

(The Land of Milk and Honey)

CH 1995 81'

Director: Felix Tissi
Script: Felix Tissi
Camera: Dieter Fahrer, Helena Vagnières
Art Direction: Dieter Gehrig
Production: Balzli & Fahrer GmbH
With: Dietmar Mues, Jochen Regelien, Franz-Josef Steffens, Johanna Klante

ISAN: 0000-0000-5FBD-0000-N-0000-0000-5

Felix Tissi CH 1995 81'

They live in scrap, talk rubbish and repaint the world. Then Johanna arrives and repaints it all over again. Almost as in the real cinema, there is the threat of ruin, love and death.