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Riviera Cocktail

Riviera Cocktail

CH 2006 90'

Director: Heinz Bütler
Script: Heinz Bütler
Camera: Matthias Kälin
Sound: Martin Witz, Gabriele Kamm
Editing: Anja Bombelli
Music: Franco Ambrosetti
Production: NZZ Film


A delightful film about the Irish photographer Edward Quinn (1920-1997), who shot some of the most iconic photographs of the 20th Century's glitterati. Quinn was a fixture on the French Riviera during the so-called golden 1950s, when the area's great hotels and casinos returned to top form after the ravages of WWII. Quinn was witness to the Riviera's partylife and at the epicentre of its glitz and glamour. The film recounts a dazzling era of stars, starlets, film producers, playboys, princes and artists such as Picasso. By the end of the decade, Quinn had created a body of work that reflected the very essence of those heady days.