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Qué viva Mauricio Demierre

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Festival del Film Locarno 2006: Cinéastes du présent

Qué viva Mauricio Demierre

CH 2006 71'

Director: Stéphane Goël
Script: Stéphane Goël
Camera: Steff Bossert
Sound: Marc von Stürler, Luc Yersin
Editing: Karine Sudan
Music: Corinne Galland, Paco Lobo, Julien Sulser
Production: Climage


ISAN: 0000-0001-B9C9-0000-6-0000-0000-J

Stéphane Goël CH 2006 71'

In 1982 Maurice Demierre, an agriculturist from Gruyère, and his partner Chantal Bianchi left for Nicaragua, just as hundreds of other young Europeans who were fascinated by the revolution. But on 16 February 1986 Maurice was ambushed by the Contras and killed. He became a martyr, and Chantal Bianchi unwillingly became a symbol of the revolution.

Love, death... and revolution

20 years later, now an actress and director of a theatre troupe, she returns to her past and gets in touch with old comrades. Her plan: to enact a theatre piece on Maurice Demierre's grave in Nicaragua.