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Kyiv 2009
Berlinale 2009
Solothurner Filmtage 2008
Winterthur Kurzfilmtage 2008

CH/DE 2008 29'

Director: Michael Koch
Script: Juliane Grossheim, Michael Koch
Camera: Bernhard Keller
Sound: Ralf Schipke, Benjamin Simon, Jonas Hummel, Marc Wesemann
Costumes:: Juliane Maier, Sabine Heinold
Editing:: Stefan Stabenow
Production:: Michael Koch, Dschoint Ventschr
With: Susanne Ritter, Corinna Glaus, Michael Koch

Michael Koch 2008 29'

Luis (18) visits his father for the first time in years in a remote vacation house in the mountains. Trying to demonstrate self-confidence and the absolute certainty that he wants nothing more than money for his studies, Luis unexpectedly meets his father's new family, whose existence he neither imagined nor knew about. On edge, wavering between anger, incomprehension, and the desire for emotional intimacy, Luis tries to coax his father out of his shell and provokes a fight.