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Plus là pour personne

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Plus là pour personne
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CH 2009 85'

Director: Jean-Laurent Chautems
Script: Jean-Laurent Chautems
Camera: Aldo Mugnier
Sound: Eric Ghersinu
Art Direction: Olga Fabrizio, Anne-Carmen Vuilleumier
Costumes: Valérie Debuck
Editing: Jean-Laurent Chautems
Music: KERA, DJ André
Production: P.S. Productions Sàrl
With: Yvon Back, Alice Rey, Felipe Castro, Caroline Gasser, Jean-Charles Fontana, Jean-Christophe Nigon


ISAN: 0000-0002-5AA8-0000-G-0000-0000-Q

Jean-Laurent Chautems CH 2009 85'

A car accident brings Anna, Gregor, Martine and Paul together. This meeting forces them to face the fact that their lives cannot evolve anymore. While this discovery means Gregor's, Martine's and Paul's failure, it is the occasion for Anna to get back on her feet and to start a new life.