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Piano Panier

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ISAN: 0000-0000-5D97-0000-2-0000-0000-V

Festival del Film Locarno 1989

Piano Panier

F 1989 95'

Director: Patricia Plattner
Script: Patricia Plattner
Camera: Matthias Kälin
Sound: Paulo de Jesus
Editing:: Loredana Cristelli
Music:: Jacques Robellaz
Production:: Light Night Production SA
With: Anne-Laure Luisoni, Rita Blanco, Diogo Doria, Daniel Wolf, Antoine Basler, Stefan Gubser, Paulo Branco

Patricia Plattner 1989 95'

A bitter-sweet sentimental comedy. The friendship between two girls. Marie is Swiss, Filipa is a Portuguese origin. One is an eternal student. The other is getting married. After Marie's love affair breaks up, Filipa suggests they spend a month together in Portugal in her family. A place full of peace as well as personal and cultural conflicts, happiness as well as grief, and chance encounters. A time in their lives when they have to make a choice. Sometimes it makes them giddy.