Pas de café, pas de télé, pas de sexe

Pas de café, pas de télé, pas de sexe (Kein Kaffee, kein Fernsehen, kein Sex)

CH 1999 82'

Director: Romed Wyder
Script: Romed Wyder
Camera: Stéphane Kuthy
Sound: Martin Stricker
Editing:: Orsola Valenti
Music:: Thierry Clerc, Daniel Schweizer
Production:: Laïka Film
With: Vincent Coppey, Alexandra Tiedemann, Pietro Musillo, Nalini Selvadoray

The story of Arno, aged 27, who lives in a squat in Geneva. His best friend Maurizio has obtained a Swiss residence permit by means of an arranged marriage. Maurizio wants his real girlfriend Nina, who is a French citizen, to come and live with him in Geneva. But Nina faces the same problem, how to obtain a Swiss residence permit? To overcome this obstacle Maurizio talks a reluctant Arno into accepting a similar “marriage of convenience”. Pleased with the way things are turning out, Maurizio departs for a few days and leaves Nina behind, in the company of Arno. Normally shy in the presence of the opposite sex, Arno falls in love with Nina, and she with him. When Maurizio returns, Arno is unable to conceal the truth from him. The lovers acknowledge their new relationship. The cosy arrangement now in a mess, the three try to find their way out of the dilemma.