On dirait le Sud

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Swissfilms Directors Sheet sur Vincent Pluss (PDF)

ISAN: 0000-0000-DA63-0000-F-0000-0000-T

Prix du cinéma suisse 2003 - Meilleur film de fiction

On dirait le Sud
CH 2002 71'

Director: Vincent Pluss
Script: Laurent Toplitsch, Stéphane Mitchell
Camera: Luc Peter
Sound: Vincent Kappeler
Editing:: Vincent Pluss
Music:: Velma, Patrick de Rahm
With: Jean-Louis Johannides, Céline Bolomey, Frédéric Landenberg, François Nadin, Gabriel Bonnefoy, Dune Landenberg

Vincent Pluss 2002 71'

A young, recently divorced father attempts a reconciliation with his wife and children. Accompanied by a friend from work, who thinks he is going off for a few quiet days by the seaside, he turns up unexpectedly at the little house in the south of France where his family has moved to. Too anxious to go back home, in too much of a hurry to explain himself, he draws everyone into a weekend that is explosive but rich in incident.