Nur ein Sommer

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Tamara Staudt 2006 93'

Difficult economic times lead Eva from Brandenburg to put her relationship on hold. She ends up working and sharing her fate with a complicated, multicultural group of people in the Swiss Alps. Here she meets Daniel, a stubborn Alpine farmer, and Mehmed, who would like to marry a German citizen, and experiences a cool but fabulous summer.
While Daniel, the Alpine farmer, rather doubts the German's ability to do the work, she is absolutely determined not to be got the better of, not by the men around her or the cows. Daniel is not a man of many compliments but it is obvious that he grows gradually fonder of Eva. Mehmed from Macedonia works on the neighbouring Alpine farm. He has taken more than a shine to Eva and charms her. Marrying a German girl is his biggest dream. During her stay on the Alpine farm - far away from home and her boyfriend Marco - Eva for the first time in a long time, feels really good.…
«Just a Summer» is a romantic comedy by Tamara Staudt. The idea for the film came about because the writer/director spent two seasons working as a farmer in the Swiss Alps. She was awarded the title of Lenk «Cheese Empress» (Käsekaiserin). Tamara Staudt is very familiar with the reality of mountain existence and is fascinated with the archaic way of life which is defined by the rhythm of the mountains, the seasons, the animals and hard work.