Nel giardino dei suoni

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Website Wolfgang Wasser


ISAN: 0000-0002-5AD4-0000-Q-0000-0000-X

Prix de Soleure 2010

Nel giardino dei suoni
CH 2010 85'

Director: Nicola Bellucci
Script: Nicola Bellucci, Frank Matter
Camera: Pierre Mennel, Pio Corradi, Nicola Bellucci
Sound: Patrick Becker, Hercli Bundi
Editing:: Nicola Bellucci, Frank Matter, Anja Bombelli
Music:: Daniel Almada
Production:: Soap Factory GmbH, Frank Matter

Nicola Bellucci 2010 85'

The film is a touching, poetic exploration of the relationship between mind, body and sound, and a cinematic journey to the borders of communication. Wolfgang Fasser is a blind musician and soundscape artist who works with severely disabled children, helping them to find their place in a world not made for them. Most of his young patients have multiple disabilities; some are blind and can't speak, others seem to be completely oblivious to the world around them. Through the use of all kinds of sound, Fasser establishes a dialogue with the children and dramatically improves their abilities of expression and perception. He also often hikes through the woods and valleys of Tuscany, recording soundscapes. For him, these recordings are like post cards, he says, because it's through sounds that he “sees” and remembers the places he visits.