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Musiques en mouvement

History of a restructuration of a music boxes factory in the swiss mountains.

The authors about their film

When industries collapse and whole regions are suddenly thrown onto the social and economic scrap heap, the media usually respond with analyses, background reports and profiles of the latest victims. We the makers of this documentary decided, just for once, to be part of the story right from the beginning – to find out if and how an industry which is rich in history and traditions (but which is now walking a tightrope) can be saved. In St. Croix we discovered a miniaturised version of Europe's industrial past and present. And in Stefan Müller we found a manager with the courage to take risks. Unhindered by censorship of any kind, we spent six years wandering in and out of workshops and offices, taking part in confidential planning sessions, following the development of new products and machines, and recording the workers' reactions to the restructuring in progress.