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Festival de Film Locarno 2014 - Semaine de la critique


CH 2014 93'

Director: Paolo Poloni
Script: Paolo Poloni
Camera: Paolo Poloni
Sound: Allah Ditta Choudny
Editing: Fee Liechti, Paolo Poloni
Music: Cyrill Boehler
Production: Reck Filmproduktion GmbH, Franziska Reck

ISAN: 0000-0003-CE95-0000-E-0000-0000-W

Paolo Poloni CH 2014 93'

Mulhapar is a village in the wide expanses of the Punjab in Pakistan. A country associated with violence and intolerance. Beyond this sombre prejudice, the film plunges into the brimming life of a community of poor and rich people, Muslims and Christians, the young and the old, women and men. In Mulhapar, their family and individual destinies, as well as their stories and anecdotes are condensed into a vivid mosaic.