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Miel et cendres

Pass:Miel et cendres
540p Arabic ST Deutsch

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Nadia Fares CH 1996 80'

MIEL ET CENDRES sheds light on the story and fate of three women trapped between tradition and modern life in North Africa today. Naima, a doctor, Amina, a graduate, and Leila, a young student, are pursuing their individual routes to an independent life when their paths cross.

Aged just twenty, Leila (Nozha Khouadra) is a young, rebellious woman with an unbridled desire for freedom. She leaves her family and embarks on a degree course in the city.

Amina (Amel Ledhili), aged 30, marries her former, liberal university professor and believes she has found a degree of stability in her life. She tries to keep her small family intact, until the jealousy of her husband destroys everything. Naima (Samia Mzali) is 45 years old and a dedicated doctor and mother. She supports Leila and treats Aminas injured hand.

The three women share a longing for a self-determined life and the dream of a viable relationship in a difficult socio-political environment.

«Fares sensitive direction and the casts persuasive performances make this a passio-nate statement about the condition of women in the Arab world.»