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ISAN: 0000-0001-64D6-0000-E-0000-0000-W

CH 2006 37'

Director: Peter Guyer
Camera: Peter Guyer
Sound: Balthasar Jucker, Benoit Piccand
Editing:: Peter Guyer
Music:: Balts Nill
Production:: PS Film

Peter Guyer 2006 37'

With his eye on the ground and broom in hand, he wanders through the streets of Barcelona. In the shade of a palm tree, he discovers a re. ned, elderly lady. And in the middle of Las Ramblas, a young crook. Bossert believes that every sinkhole has a face, claiming that he gives it a “soul” while liberating the drain from dirt and asphalt: breathing life into things with the broom. He says this with such conviction that one believes him. Layer after layer, he reveals the beauty of the inconspicuous with hammer and broom, with the reward of his efforts being the debris from the drain on a large sheet of paper.