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ISAN: 0000-0000-5034-0000-5-0000-0000-M

München 1983
Moscow 1983
Solothurn 1982
Locarno 1982
Venezia 1981


CH 1981 93'

Director: Villi Hermann
Script: Angelo Gregorio, Villi Hermann
Camera: Carlo Varini
Sound: Laurent Barbey
Editing:: Luciano Berini
Music:: Enzo Jannacci
Production:: Imago Film SA, Ruedi Santschi, Elisabeth Brunner

Villi Hermann 1981 93'

Alfredo (Omero Antonutti), a middle manager, married with two children, leads an apparently quiet life. He was born in a valley in the Italian part of Switzerland and had to leave it to continue his studies. Later he moved to the city to work. Today, like many other city dwellers, he spends his weekends in his home village - his wife and children accept this without much enthusiasm - but for Alfredo the weekend in the homeland is not an escape but an obsessive rite that is repeated week after week.
Alfredo cannot find a balance between his childhood, lived in a rural world that has become irretrievably distorted, and his maturity, marked by unsatisfactory work and daily life, and his childhood is marked by the search for a father - real or symbolic - stamped with the seal of social marginality: the "matlosa" (Flavio Bucci).
Alfredo lives an irresolute relationship between his past, which crushes him, and his present, which he suffers.