Mama hat dich Lieb

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Max Ophüls Saarbrücken 2003

Mama hat dich Lieb
CH 2002 33'

Director: Carla Lia Monti
Script: Carla Lia Monti, Josy Meier
Camera: Felix von Muralt
Sound: Dieter Meyer, Guido Helbling
Costumes:: Sabine Murer
Editing:: Marina Wernli
Music:: Balz Bachmann
Production:: Karin Koch, Dschoint Ventschr
With: Cathrin Störmer, Matthias Fankhauser, Maja Stolle, Christoph Homberger

Carla Lia Monti 2002 33'

Charlotte works in a snack cake factory where she falls madly in love with her supervisor Rolf. She hopes this love will help her break free from her domineering mother. Magically attracted by plunging décolletés and see-through panties, the supervisor Rolf only has eyes for the most vulgar women in the factory. Nevertheless, the rather plain looking Charlotte persists with her clumsy attempts to draw Rolf's attention. She manages to succeed and is overjoyed when he asks her out to the cinema. When Charlotte's mother realizes her daughter's intentions, she does everything in her power to destroy her daughter's budding romance. Yet in the porn theater where she's taken by the supposed Prince Charming, the relationship ends up shattering on its own, without any interference from her mother. Disillusioned, Charlotte finds brief solace with Karl, a young man she has met a number of times in the park. Yet this happiness is short-lived as well, for Charlottes mother quickly kills off her rival. In the pits of despair, Charlotte plots the ultimate stroke of liberation...