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ISAN: 0000-0004-480A-0000-G-0000-0000-Q

CH 2017 62'

Director: Anne Theurillat
Script: Anne Theurillat
Camera: Nicholas Peart
Sound: Masaki Hatsui, Emilie Chappatte, Renaud Musy
Editing:: Mykyta Kryvosheiev
Music:: Didier Bailly
Production:: Xavier Grin, P.S. Productions

Anne Theurillat 2017 62'

Invited to the artists' residence of the Malévoz hospital (Valais, Switzerland) to put on a show, the author-filmmaker decided to go outside the walls and meet the hospital world.

Moving her piano from one place to another, she uses extracts from a musical to create a confrontation with the medical staff. A poetic way of interacting with the reality of this establishment.