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Love Made Easy

Love Made Easy

CH 2006 87'

Director: Peter Luisi
Script: Peter Luisi
Camera: Joshua Hess
Sound: Dana Kopetzky
Art Direction: Zach Bangma
Costumes: Carla Biggert
Editing: Laura Weiss
Music: Domenico Ferrari
Production: Spotlight Media Productions
With: Melanie Winiger, Martin Rapold, Ralph Gassmann, Martin Landau


The boring life of a group of outsiders is over when one of them meets his dream woman and his friends plan to set them up. Till now, all of them have drawn the shorter straw in life: Pellini is short, Mobo is in a wheelchair, Gilbert is a klutz, Bowman is fat and Gus is a loser. But this is all about to change! However, their mission proves to be rather more complicated than expected. Not only do they have no experience in this area, but babies, strippers, spies and mafiosi all contrive to get in their way.