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Life in Progress

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ISAN: 0000-0003-C0C2-0000-8-0000-0000-D

Visions du Réel Nyon 2014
Berner Filmpreis

Life in Progress

CH/South Africa 2014 95'

Director: Irene Loebell
Script: Irene Loebell
Camera: Peter Guyer, Irene Loebell
Sound: Irene Loebell, Peter Guyer, Balthasar Jucker
Editing:: Konstantin Gutscher
Music:: Mario Marchisella
Production:: Recycled TV AG, Big World Cinema

Irene Loebell 2014 95'

Venter, Tshediso and Seipathi live in a run-down South African township called Katlehong, the Sotho word meaning progress. Wherever the talented teenagers perform their breathtaking wild dance routines, homegrown on the streets of their township, they receive thunderous applause. However, as they return home to their decrepit houses, they face a reality where little has changed since the end of apartheid – no beds of their own, families breaking up, and time and again the crucial question: where is the next meal coming from? Swiss filmmaker Irene Loebell shared their rollercoaster lives.