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Letters to Srebrenica

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Letters to Srebrenica

CH 1995 55'

Director: Daniel von Aarburg
Camera: Stéphane Kuthy, Ina Bakalovic
Sound: Hugo Poletti, Christian Davi
Editing:: Matthias Bürcher

Daniel von Aarburg 1995 55'

Ina Bakalovic is a 19-year-old Muslim girl from Srebrenica. For the last three years Ina has been living as a refugee in Switzerland. With her handy-cam she documents her daily life in Davos, a ski region of world-wide fame in the Swiss Alps. The images of her video diary are composed in the form of letters to her best friend Amela, who is still living in the controversial area. The traumatic experiences of war and exile have made Ina an independent young woman. A process that causes some problems, especially with her father, a now unemployed businessman, who loses control of his daughter more and more. When the refugee centre is closed, Ina takes her chance. She decides to look for her own apartment and to start an independent life.