Les petites couleurs

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ISAN: 0000-0000-2C02-0000-6-0000-0000-J

Patricia Plattner 2002 94'

Christelle, a hairdresser whose husband beats her, runs away after a violent quarrel. She ends up in a delapidated motel called the Galaxy, frequented by truck drivers and travelling salesmen. Mona, the owner, a loveable and bubbly widow, takes Christelle under her wing and helps her to rekindle an interest in life. They both become passionately devoted to a TV soap opera entitled “The Ranch of Love”. Christelle has to deal with the return of her husband. But thanks to Mona and this new environment she discovers her creative talents. She meets new people, and experiences new sensuality, desire and love in the arms of Lucien, a young truck driver. Torn between a longing for independence and her new amorous commitments she becomes a peripatetic hairdresser roaming the countryside… until the day when Mona, Lucien and the last episode of her favourite TV serial open up unexpected new horizons.