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Le Secret des Dieux

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ISAN: 0000-0002-381D-0000-6-0000-0000-J

Le Secret des Dieux

CH 2009 90'

Director: Philippe Souaille
Script: Philippe Souaille
Camera: Ivo Zanetti, Laurent Egli, Loïc Oswald
Sound: Urs Lotze, Vu Duc Khuiyn, Olivier Larue
Editing:: Loïc Oswald
Music:: Aliose
Production:: Tatjana Darany, Adavi Productions

Philippe Souaille 2009 90'

They are members of the G20 or of the mysterious Chief Executive Board (CEB) that gathers the big bosses of the most important international organizations. True rulers of the world or permanent members of the United Nations Security Council... or leaders of emerging countries ready to take over their position. How do they work together? How do they manage the crisis and their national rivalry? What kind of future are they building for us?