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Le monde est comme ça

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ISAN: 0000-0003-4AC2-0000-9-0000-0000-A

Le monde est comme ça (So ist die Welt)

CH 2012 52'

Director: Fernand Melgar
Script: Fernand Melgar
Camera: Denis Jutzeler, Fernand Melgar
Sound: Christophe Giovannoni, Elise Schubs
Editing:: Janine Waeber
Production:: Climage

Fernand Melgar 2012 52'

The film recounts the fates of five of the protagonists of the film Vol spécial following their expulsion from Switzerland. Having been wrenched away from the country in which they had lived and from their children because they had no papers, they are found again in Senegal or Kosovo, in Gambia or Cameroun, destitute and cut off from their families, sometimes even having been tortured upon arrival. This film broaches the private lives of these broken men and testifies to the brutality of a migration policy that is common in Switzerland and in Europe.