Le livre de cristal

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Festival del Film Locarno 1994

Le livre de cristal
FR/CH 1994 110'

Director: Patricia Plattner
Script: Patricia Plattner
Camera: Matthias Kälin
Sound: Daniel Olivier
Editing:: Loredana Cristelli
Music:: Jacques Robellaz
Production:: Light Night Production SA
With: Jean-François Balmer, Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi, John Arnold, Jean-Pierre Sentier, Gamini Fonseka, Swarna Malawaracchi

Patricia Plattner 1994 110'

JB, an orientalist of international renown, is sent to Sri Lanka by UNESCO to decipher a book of crystal discovered not far from the area controlled by the Tamils.
The book is a treatise on memory dictated by Buddha in his old age.
For JB it represents a challenge to his past which is perturbed by his wife's suicide. It is here that they loved and the tragedy took place. In the meantime he meets various people of essential importance: Da Silva, chauffeur and assistant with whom he enjoys a privileged relationship; Green, an archeologist with a strict Cartesian mind; Juliette, a young woman with whom he has an affair; Rajan, a Tamil child who personifies the stakes of a guilt to be exonerated and a deed to be done.