La traversée (1986)

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La traversée (1986)
CH 1986 34'

Director: Jacqueline Veuve
Camera: Olivier Frei
Sound: Claude Noir
Editing:: Mireille Mauberna

Jacqueline Veuve 1986 34'

War, for many, may also be the complete disruption of all one had taken for granted (family, social, or professional situation ; even one's nationality..) “After” will never be the same as “before”. This is what happened to the four women who tell their stories here. Four different destinies. That of the Polish aristocrat who now works as a night nurse in Swiss clinics. That of the young Jewess, training in commercial studies in Lyon, France who found it so hard to reach Geneva. Or again that of the daughter of Swiss café owners in Dijon, France. Or of the German factory worker who lived by the Lake of Constance. Four destinies that converged from separate directions towards Switzerland, a longed-for refuge, a land of welcome but also, at times, of rejection, a haven that might be either generous or mean.