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La stanza del figlio

Festival de Cannes 2001 - Palme d'or

La stanza del figlio

I 2001 95'

Director: Nanni Moretti
Script: Linda Ferri, Nanni Moretti, Heidrun Schleef
Camera: Giuseppe Lanci
Art Direction: Giancarlo Basili
Editing: Esmeralda Calabria
Music: Nicola Piovani
With: Nanni Moretti, Stefano Accorsi, Laura Morante, Silvio Orlando, Giuseppe Sanfelice, Jasmine Trinca

A close family in a small northern Italy city. The father, Giovanni, the mother, Paola and their two teenage children: Irene the elder and Andrea, the younger.

Giovanni is a psychoanalyst. In his consulting-room next to his flat, his patients confide their neurosis to him, which contrasts strongly with his own quiet existence.

One Sunday morning, Giovanni is called by a patient for an emergency. He is not able to go jogging with his son, like he had told him. Andrea leaves to go scuba diving with friends and he never comes back from it...