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La rusna pearsa

Pass:La rusna pearsa
540p Rumantsch ST Deutsch,Français

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ISAN: 0000-0000-5DA6-0000-7-0000-0000-G

Festival de Locarno 1993 - Compétition

La rusna pearsa (Das verlorene Loch)

CH 1993 78'

Director: Dino Simonett
Script: Dino Simonett
Camera: Felix von Muralt
Sound: Ingrid Städeli, Hugo Poletti, Jürg von Allmen
Art direction:: Chloé Pompon-Levainville
Costumes:: Sabine Murer
Editing:: Barbara Koller
Music:: Alex Kirschner
Production:: Dino Simonett, dffb
With: Gian Battista von Tscharner, Claudia Carigiet, Tonia Maria Zindel, Dino Simonett, Aldo Cantieni, Lena Carigiet

Dino Simonett 1993 78'

"To reach the Schamsertal, in the canton of Grisons, you have to cross a terryfying pass, leap over streams and get through the lost hole. Then a magnificent valley open ups, a land of plenty, full of incredible legends." This is how Dino Simonett describes the site of LA RUSNA PEARSA, inspired by the tales and legends of the region, and spoken entirely in authentic Romantsch dialect Sutsilvan.