La nébuleuse du coeur

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PCT Cinéma Télévision

Interview dans le Courrier

Schweizerische Herzstiftung / Fondation Suisse de Cardiologie (article sur le film dans magatzne 3/2006)

ISAN: 0000-0000-D831-0000-4-0000-0000-P

La nébuleuse du coeur (Ring des Herzens)

CH 2005 90'

Director: Jacqueline Veuve
Script: Jacqueline Veuve, Nadejda Magnenat
Camera: Steff Bossert
Sound: Blaise Gabioud, Laurent Barbey
Editing:: Edwige Ochsenbein
Music:: André-Daniel Meylan
Production:: Aquarius Film Production

Jacqueline Veuve 2005 90'


A trip through the heart. A poetic, moving, cruel, ironic, at times a cynical trip. A trip that takes us deep into the heart of the film maker, into her aches, her joys, her medical problems, among them the placing of a pacemaker. It gives her an excuse to take a closer look at other hearts: the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the small mummified heart of Louis XVII and its weird wanderings, the heart of a transplantee. How does one live with someone else's heart ? Hearts of sugar, hearts of gold in the Brussel's Heart Museum. Chicken, beef, and quail hearts at the butcher's. And the parallel between the heart of a surgeon who grafts hearts and that of a gardener who grafts treees. The trips ends in the Ice Palace with a poem inviting us to donate our hearts. A film essay that avoids scientific gravity.