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La Maternité des HUG

La Maternité des HUG

CH 2007 89'

Director: Richard Dindo
Camera: Richard Dindo
Sound: Blaise Gabioud, Martin Stricker
Editing: René Zumbühl
Music: Shirley Anne Hofmann
Production: Lea Produktion


With his discrete gaze, filmmaker Richard Dindo observes the busy comings and goings of a maternity ward in Geneva. His uplifting film depicts the joy and desire of giving life and is Dindo's fourth film about the Hospital of Geneva. Once again, it is a tribute to the nurses and the doctors who work there. With his hand-held camera, Dindo looks over their shoulder during their everyday work. Armed with a warm and unpretentious curiosity, Dindo's exchange with his protagonists focuses more on close encounters rather than simple interviews.