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La beauté crue

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La beauté crue (Rohe Schönheit)

CH/F 2008 64'

Director: Hervé Nisic, Michel Beretti
Script: Michel Beretti, Hervé Nisic
Camera: Jean-Jacques Bouhon
Sound: Patrick Becker
Editing:: Hervé Nisic
Production:: Louise Productions Sàrl

Hervé Nisic, Michel Beretti 2008 64'

It is fascinating what an immense influence the artworks of psychologically ill people have had on the course of 20th Century art history. Artistic icons such as Jean Tinguely, Paul Klee and Jean Dubuffet were clearly interested in the representatives of Art Brut, in the subtle line between the imaginary and obsession, dreams, pain and illness, these insidious evils that emerge unseen from our unconscious. With the Bern hospital Waldau as a starting point, which has a big collection of works by schizophrenic artists, filmmakers Hervé Nisic and Michel Beretti investigate the ongoing fascination for Art-Brut-artists.