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Kosovo Dreams

Kosovo Dreams

CH 2012 49'

Director: Valeria Stucki
Script: Valeria Stucki
Camera: Gabriel Lobos
Sound: Vincent Kappeler
Editing: Julien Sulser
Music: Broken Dreams
Production: ABBC prod

ISAN: 0000-0003-620B-0000-T-0000-0000-O

Concerned about the dismal state of the environment in Kosovo, Swiss actress and singer Alexandra Prusa decides to launch her own cultural project. She asks Kosovar children to express their wishes about their country's ecological future. The collected wishes are then set to music by local composers, and Alexandra and her Swiss band Broken Dreams set off on a tour of Kosovo's major towns, where they are to perform these songs in all of the country's languages. The first concert is a success, but between official receptions and television broadcasts, some wrong notes are struck – because of a Serbian-language song in the band's repertoire.