Kings Of The Gambia

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ISAN: 0000-0002-8DB2-0000-1-0000-0000-Y

Visions du Réel Nyon 2010

Kings Of The Gambia
CH 2010 70'

Director: David Vogel
Script: David Vogel
Camera: Christian Schaad
Sound: Peter Von Siebenthal, Manuel Benz, Dan Suter, Matias Kilchmann
Editing:: Jürg Krebs
Production:: Aaron Film, Joël Jent

David Vogel 2010 70'

"King Kora - Band! Welcome to the smiling coast of West Africa!" There is great euphoria in Gambia: KING KORA is back! With four cameras, the Gambian state television broadcasts the arrival of the band and Kora player Lamin Jobarteh is received like a prodigal son in his homeland. The plan is for the band to chug up and down the Gambia River, giving concerts on eight nights in villages and towns along the river, supplemented by three performances in clubs on the seashore. But before the boat ride, the centerpiece of the tour, begins, the tech rehearsal and test concert fail. The locally rented music system is no good and the technicians have to work first miracles to squeeze out some modest sounds. On the boat trip the band recovers from the first sensory impressions of Gambia and the technicians find ways and means to bring the system to life. As a result, however, it is the musicians who reach their limits. The band travels on the river Gambia from place to place and after a few concerts they have to realize that the music is not received as hoped. The rhythm, adapted to the local demands, then gives King Kora access to the African joie de vivre. Until the band meets the "no-future" generation from the suburbs of the capital Banjul...