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ISAN: 0000-0003-16AD-0000-J-0000-0000-H

CH 2012 52'

Director: Raphaëlle Aellig Régnier
Script: Raphaëlle Aellig Régnier
Camera: Patrick Mounoud, Pascal Gauss
Sound: Roméo Dos Santos, Philippe Charriot
Editing:: Stéphane Olijnyk
Production:: RAR Film

Raphaëlle Aellig Régnier 2012 52'

Up to what point is a human being still able to be reintegrated into society, and what is the impact on him and on society? This issue forms the basis of this film; a general question that is dealt with in an unusual way in that it is portrayed by Yazid Kherfi, a man with an unusual destiny that leads like a recurrent thread through the more unrelenting regions of society (prison, suburbia). Possible answers to the question are not sought as basic principles, but rather appear during the course of the life and career of a man who has been brutally confronted with this very question. The film accompanies Yazid at his work on location and thus creates space for the much too seldom conducted discussion about an uncomfortable reality that our society is forced to come to terms with.