Immer und Ewig (1991)

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ISAN: 0000-0000-CE24-0000-K-0000-0000-E

Sitges Barcelona Festival 1992
Moscow Festival 1991

Immer und Ewig (1991)
CH 1991 90'

Director: Samir
Script: Samir, Martin Witz
Camera: Samir, René Baumann
Sound: Felix Singer
Editing:: Catrin Vogt
Music:: Peter Bräker
Production:: Samir
With: Oliver Broumis, Nicoole Ansari, Roeland Wiesnekker

Samir 1991 90'

This is a modern adaptation of the legend of Orpheus.
Claude, a militant anarchist, is caught stealing and is shot by a policeman while fleeing the scene. Dodo, a hairdresser, is hit by one of the stray bullets. They meet in the realm of the dead and together they visit familiar places and their loved ones. By debating their past with each other, they become close and fall in love. Because of their feelings they get the chance to return to life for twelve hours in order to prove the depth love they share.