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Immer und Ewig

Pass:Immer und ewig
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Immer & ewig

ISAN: 0000-0005-00A2-0000-1-0000-0000-Y

Prix de Soleure 2019
Zürcher Filmpreis 2019

Immer und Ewig

CH 2019 85'

Director: Fanny Bräuning
Script: Fanny Bräuning
Camera: Pierre Mennel
Sound: Patrick Becker, Denis Séchaud
Editing:: Catrin Vogt
Music:: Olivia Pedroli
Production:: Hugofilm Productions GmbH, Thomas Thümena

Fanny Bräuning 2019 85'

A man and a woman travel through the world in a minivan: he, a restlessly inventive photographer, and she, the love of his life, paralysed from the neck down for the last 20 years. With courage, wit and charm they wrest from life, what it still holds worth living for. But what happens to love, when the circumstances of life change so drastically? The filmmaker (and daughter) goes in search of answers full of curiosity and wonder.