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Hotel Babylon oder wenn Babawembo kommt

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Hotel Babylon oder wenn Babawembo kommt

CH 2011 40'

Director: Marcus Spichtig
Camera: Marcus Spichtig
Sound: Beni Müller Hartmann, Roger Winzeler
Editing: Marcus Spichtig
Production: Quasarfilms


ISAN: 0000-0003-4C69-0000-Y-0000-0000-9

Marcus Spichtig CH 2011 40'

HOTEL BABYLON ODER WENN BABAWEMBO KOMMT shows how juvenile asylum seekers at the MNA School Lilienberg together with upper division students of Affoltern am Albis, under the stage direction of the theater on wheels FAHRWERK.ö, create and work on an amazing play. FAHRWERK.ö, specializes in adolescent theater as well as theater performed on natural landscape stages. What happens if over twenty languages and even more cultures join together and rehearse a play? This insightful documentary leads you through the beginning steps of this project to its first public performance. Both the students and the professionals of FAHRWERK.ö are interviewed and share their experiences.