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Heute ist nicht morgen

Heute ist nicht morgen

CH 2007 53'

Director: Nico Gutmann
Script: Nico Gutmann
Camera: Hansueli Schenkel
Sound: Azmi Baumann
Editing: Nico Gutmann
Music: Baschi
Production: Unifo Film


"I can't do what I want to do anymore. I no longer have the spouse I once had. I have to look after him and provide for him. That's the bad thing about this disease.” The film does not deal with Alzheimer's, but rather with living with it. It accompanies three couples whose lives have been affected by Alzheimer's. They speak candidly about how their lives have changed, about their goals and alternatives. Apart from providing insight into institutional and private assistance, be it in-patient, ambulatory or provided by family members, the documentary first and foremost addresses the individual strategies of the portrayed couples.