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Reck Filmproduktion HAARIG


ISAN: 0000-0004-7E68-0000-F-0000-0000-T

Fantoche 2017
Festival Leipzig 2017
Artfifa Montreal 2018

CH 2017 52'

Director: Anka Schmid
Script: Anka Schmid
Camera: Daniel Leippert
Sound: Markus Graber, Christian Beusch
Editing:: Marina Wernli
Music:: Roman Lerch, Dominik Blumer, Thomi Christ
Production:: RECK Filmproduktion GmbH, Franziska Reck

Anka Schmid 2017 52'

In a playfully biographical manner, the director recounts her generation’s hairy stories. Whether as a body ornament, political statement or even in the soup, hair is omnipresent – even when shaven. With an ingenious fusion of real-life and archive footage as well as stop-motion technique, the anidoc discovers the tremendous potential of the body’s wispiest part in daily life and in art. A tingling feeling on the head is included.