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Geysir und Goliath

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Geysir und Goliath

CH 2010 60'

Director: Alexander J. Seiler
Script: Alexander J. Seiler
Camera: Ueli Nüesch
Sound: Florian Eidenbenz
Editing: Rainer M. Trinkler
Production: Dschoint Ventschr Filmproduktion AG

Dschoint Ventschr: GEYSIR UND GOLIATH


ISAN: 0000-0002-92F7-0000-O-0000-0000-2

Alexander J. Seiler CH 2010 60'

An attempt to evoke the life and work of the sculptor, Karl Geiser (1898-1957), with excerpts from his sculptural, graphic and photographic work as well as from his letters and diaries: Geiser par lui-même. The film refrains from questioning the few witnesses still alive (talking heads). But the film also dispenses with psychological and art-historical interpretations and comments. Along with Geiser himself, people who were close to him also have their say in comments that have been passed down orally or in written form.