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François Aubrun, l’absolue peinture

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ISAN: 0000-0005-541C-0000-2-0000-0000-V

François Aubrun, l’absolue peinture

CH 2019 56'

Director: Frédéric Pajak
Script: Frédéric Pajak
Camera: Diane Veyrat, Laurent Fénart
Sound: Diane Veyrat
Editing:: Janine Waeber
Music:: Sara Oswald, Virgil van Ginneken
Production:: Zadig Productions, Caravel Production

Frédéric Pajak 2019 56'

"In the morning, the mist weighs more than the sky, and the more you go into the day when there is a reversal, and the sky weighs more than the mist. Then it's a crossing. There is a break. And it's very long. At least for me it was long, and I'm still looking for that. And I've been standing in front of the same windows for forty years, looking for this change. "

All his life, François Aubrun has been looking for liquidity - and by liquidity he means "the feminine, the river, the Seine, the mist of Sainte-Victoire". He expressed its light, if not its silence. He left a considerable body of work, with more than a thousand paintings, a work of disturbing coherence, the radicality of which this film attempts to restore. The painter confides in us, shortly before his death. Testimonies, archives and evocations complete this polyphonic portrait of an unjustly unknown artist, a naturalist.