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Fragments du paradis

Festival del Film Locarno 2015

Fragments du paradis

CH 2015 85'

Director: Stéphane Goël
Script: Stéphane Goël, Claude Muret
Camera: Stéphane Goël, Camille Cottagnoud, Dylan Perrenoud, Sébastien Reichenbach
Sound: Céline Pernet, Jérôme Cuendet
Editing: Karine Sudan
Music: Jean-Philippe Zwahlen
Production: Climage, Stéphane Goël

ISAN: 0000-0003-FB87-0000-5-0000-0000-M

Stéphane Goël CH 2015 85'

If Switzerland is sometimes perceived as heaven on earth, the question that follows is: do its inhabitants believe in heaven? Believers, agnostics and atheists all feel the need for a narrative when confronting death. So, what is left of paradise, which once promised eternal happiness? Encountering people in the twilight of their years, this film offers a moving, offbeat and personal quest within the depictions of this place common to all of humanity, faced with hope and shared doubt.