FAQ Artfilm Player iOS

What is the use of Artfilm Player iOS?

Artfilm Player iOS is an app for iPad. You can browse film, view them in streaming, but also download them temporarily on your device. You can view the downloaded films when you do not have access on the network.

What devices can use the app?

The app is designed for iPad and iPhone with iOS 9.0 or newer. The app is only available in the App Store Switzerland.

What does the app cost?

The app itself is free. However, you can only view films if you have bought an Artfilm.pass.

Where do I get the App?

iTunes Store

Does the app use only Wifi or also the cellular network?

You can define in the system preferences for the app, if the app can access the cellular network. If you have a flat data rate, use it, except when you are out of your country.

Can the app download multiple films at the same time?

You can start multiple downloads. However, the app will not download more than four films at the same time. Please note that each feature length films uses about 1 GB of space. If your device runs out of space, the download will fail.

Can the app download in the background?

You can define this in the system preferences for the app.

How much space use the films I have downloaded?

The download list shows the space for each film in MB. You can delete films one by one, if you need more space.

Why is there no app for Android?

The app uses functionalities that Apple provides through its API. The possibility of an app for Android will be evaluated in a later stage.