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Eigentlich wollten wir zurückkehren

Pass:Eigentlich wollten wir zurückkehren (D)
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Pass:Eigentlich wollten wir zurückkehren (E)
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Pass:Eigentlich wollten wir zurückkehren (F)
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ISAN: 0000-0002-F32C-0000-L-0000-0000-B

Eigentlich wollten wir zurückkehren

CH 2012 52'

Director: Yusuf Yesilöz
Production:: Reck Filmproduktion GmbH, Franziska Reck

Yusuf Yesilöz 2012 52'

They came to Switzerland to have a better life when they return to their native country one day in the future. Some thirty, forty years later they are still here. Retired by now, three married couples from Turkey and the Balkans face a crucial decision: to go back or stay here? This question has accompanied the migrants their entire life in Switzerland. Now at this age, there is a pressing need to find an answer. And their children's families also have to face decisions. Should the oldest generation return or not? Who will look after the ageing parents, here or there? What are the next steps?