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E Nachtlang Füürland

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ISAN: 0000-0000-6710-0000-T-0000-0000-O

Wikidata Q88872533

Grosser Max Ophüls Preis 1981

E Nachtlang Füürland

CH 1981 90'

Director: Clemens Klopfenstein, Remo Legnazzi
Music:: Alphalt Blues Company
With: Max Rüdlinger, Christine Lauterburg, Adelheid Beyeler, Marlene Egli, Maria Wiesmann

Clemens Klopfenstein, Remo Legnazzi 1981 90'

Bern 1981, during the youth movement: a radiospeaker encounters a young enthousiastic woman and together they spent the night in the streets and want to change the world.