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Do It

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Sabine Gisiger, Marcel Zwingli CH 2000 97'

The odyssey of the fortune teller Daniele von Arb, who as a 16-year-old entered the revolutionary underground with his friends and made headlines as a top Swiss terrorist.

Daniele von Arb was 16 years old in 1970 when he and some friends of the same age from the Altstetten district of Zurich founded a revolutionary cell to rid the world of injustice. Shortly thereafter, the cell was listed by the CIA, the U.S. secret service agency, under the code name «Annebäbi» in chart on international terrorism.

With a series of spectacular schemes, Daniele and his friends tried to prevent the execution of the anarchist Puig Antich. They provided Swiss army equipment to the Catalan Movimento Iberico de Liberacion MIL, the Italian Brigate Rosse, the German RAF, the Greek anti-colonels and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine PFLP.

Their plan to blow up the Shah of Iran in Zurich landed them in jail in 1975. After his release from prison, the past caught up with Daniele von Arb again and again. Today he has a practice as a mediumistic future consultant.

DO IT leads the audience from the Altstetten district of Zurich into the international armed struggle of the 1970s, to Milan and Barcelona; plunges into the cosmos of spirituality; makes involuntary stopovers in Karlsruhe and Bombay; and finally, in 1989, arrives with the 1st class ticket to freedom.

A ride on the fire dragon into the future.