Die letzte Mauer

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Die letzte Mauer
CH 2004 52'

Director: Silvana Ceschi
Script: Silvana Ceschi
Camera: Werner Schneider, Reto Stamm
Sound: Reto Stamm
Editing:: Christian Müller
Music:: Nil Schelling, Andy Ganzani
Production:: Samir, Dschoint Ventschr
With: Gülay Kaiser, Tina Adamidou, Mehmet Kasif, Tina Kallis

Silvana Ceschi 2004 52'

A portrait of people who don't let political and social stumbling blocks upset their way to an independent and unified Republic of Cyprus. All political efforts to reunite Cyprus have failed. Most recently, the Greek Cypriots have overwhelmingly rejected the UN's plan for reunification. Now the Greek Cypriot Republic alone joins the European Union as a full member and the Northern part of the island is left an outsider. The wall is likely to remain intact for a long time. Showing the history behind the current political situation, Die letzte Mauer tells the story of people who stand up to bridge all political and cultural gaps. They will continue their fight to tear down the last wall to divide a European capital.