Delphine Seyrig, portrait d'une comète

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ISAN: 0000-0000-D826-0000-J-0000-0000-H

Delphine Seyrig, portrait d'une comète

CH 2000 58'

Director: Jacqueline Veuve
Camera: Thomas Wüthrich, Yvan Koselka
Sound: Michel Casang, Fred Kohler
Editing:: Fernand Melgar
Music:: Carlo d'Alessio

Jacqueline Veuve 2000 58'

Delphine Seyrig, an outstanding woman and actress died on October 15 1990. She played in 34 movies from LAST YEAR AT MARIENBAD by Alain Resnais to Marguerite Duras' INDIA SONG, as well as 13 TV features and 33 plays. Jacqueline Veuve, film director and a friend of Delphine Seyrig, wanted to break the silence surrounding her memory by making a documentary that traces with emotion and subjectivity, the life of the mythical actress, the determined feminist as well as that of the friend.