Das Boot ist voll

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ISAN: 0000-0000-129D-0000-M-0000-0000-8

Oscar Nomination 1981
Berlinale 1981 - Silberner Bär

Das Boot ist voll

CH 1981 100'

Director: Markus Imhoof
Script: Markus Imhoof
Camera: Hans Liechti
Sound: Vladimir Vizner
Editing:: Helena Gerber
With: Tina Engel, Curt Bois, Renate Steiger, Mathias Gnädinger, Michael Gempart, David Gerd, Hans Diel, Martin Walz, Ilse Bahrs

Markus Imhoof 1981 100'

A group of refugees who have been thrown together by chance managed to secretly cross the border into Switzerland during the last war. None of them knew that this refuge was deceptive, since refugees only for racial reasons had no right to asylum and the borders had been closed to foreigners for some time. Half-heartedly accepted by Swiss citizens and half betrayed, the refugees are prepared to give themselves up in order to save their skins. They join together to form a grotesque family in order to fulfil the requirements of the Immigration Office for exceptions to the rules. The act lasts only for a short, deceptive period before the homeland reasserts itself and the homeless pay with their lives. At the time of the action, I was one year old. I never heard anything about it at school – only the contrary.

The film is not of the favorites of the Swiss establishment, of course.